March’68 @ POLIN Museum

Estranged. March ’68 and Its Aftermath

The POLIN Museum program titled Estranged. March ’68 and Its Aftermath addressed the events which took place 22 years after the Holocaust. It lasted from March to September 2018.

The European Association of the Museum of The History of Polish Jews POLIN (AEMJP) was the main sponsor of the March 68 project.

The exhibition and its accompanying program were set against the political context in Poland at the time, yet their core is not the struggle for power, or students’ strikes, but the fate of Polish Jews who were expelled from Poland in the aftermath of March events. Expelled, for there is no difference really between forced emigration and expulsion.

The title reflected the March ’68 experiences of Polish Jews and Poles of Jewish origin, especially those forced to emigrate and to renounce their right for a homeland. Thus, a feeling of estrangement transpires as the key notion – both a propaganda measure and a personal experience.
Curators:  Natalia Romik & Justyna Koszarska-Szulc.

Events organized by the AEMJP

  • PARIS: Film screening – debate at the Sorbonne University in Paris, April 11, 2018 (click for more information)
  • TEL AVIV: Conference & Film screening: March 1968: 
Fifty Years After the Last Jewish Exodus from Poland. Organized by AEMJP (March 18, 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel).
  • TEL AVIV: “Gdanski Railway Station” movie presented by AEMJP in Tel Aviv – check the description of the event and photos, June 4, 2017.

Polin Museum events

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