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The European Association of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews has contributed through its donors, to the preparation and opening of the Paradisus Iudaeorum Gallery, depicting the life of Polish Jews from 1569 to 1648. It has also been the main sponsor of an exhibition devoted to the last Jewish Exodus from Poland, around March 1968, which became the most visited temporary exhibition in the history of the Museum.

The Association regularly organizes cultural events and trips to Poland, allowing the Friends of the Museum to share exceptional moments and to meet extraordinary people  and living history.

Corinne Evens is the head of the Association since its creation and a member of the Polin Museum Council, and Simone Veil was the Honorary President of the Association till her passing. The members of the Honorary committee are Robert Badinter, David de Rothschild, Jacques Delors, Roman Polanski and Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

The Executive Committee of the AEMJP includes Richard Prasquier, Serge Kirszbaum, Hedva Ser, Serge Klugman and Sacha Reingewirtz, and the Scientific Committee – Elie Barnavi, Pierre Birnbaum, Bernard Blistène, Father Patrick Desbois, Monique Canto-Sperber, Joël Kotek, Ivan Levaï, Claude Lanzmann, Jean-Claude Milner, Isy Morgensztern, Diana Pinto, Anne-Marie Revcoleschi, Eva Weil and Pierre Zaleski.

We do not forget Samuel Pisar, Henri Minczeles and Simone Veil who have passed away.

The Association regularly organizes trips to Poland and cultural events allowing the Friends of the Museum to share exceptional moments in Poland, surrounded by people and living history. We warmly invite you to follow our activities and help us to enlarge the circle of people for whom this common history matters.

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Coordination of the AEMJP: Anna C. Zielinska.

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