Corinne Evens


Corinne Evens

President of the European Association of POLIN – Museum of the History of Polish Jews

& President of the Evens Group

Corinne Evens, mathematician by training, began her career in 1996 by establishing a real estate business in Paris dealing with property acquisition, renovation and resale. Today, she leads the Evens Group, which develops and manages real estate projects worldwide, and invests and manages private equities. The aim of the Evens Group business development is to help achieve the philanthropic mission of the Evens Group.

Philanthropic activities

Corinne Evens is the President of the Evens Foundation (a public benefit foundation based in Antwerpen, Belgium, with offices in Paris and Warsaw). Created in 1990, it owes its existence to the generosity of the late Mrs Irène Evens Radzymińska and Mr Georges Evens, who made an outstanding career in the diamonds industry, and were both philanthropists and European enthusiasts. The Evens Foundation initiates, develops and supports projects that encourage people and nations to live together harmoniously in a diverse Europe.

Out of her interest in shared history of different cultures, Corinne Evens founded and is currently the President of the European Association of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, which has contributed to the creation of the POLIN Museum in Warsaw; she is has been a member of the Council of the Museum for many years. She serves as a Board Member of Positive Planet, a Board Member of Universal Education Foundation (UEF) and holds Board seats in other various corporate and philanthropic organizations including Bethlehem Industrial Park.

New vision of business ventures

In recent years, Corinne Evens initiated a new kind of projects, contributing to a new way of seeing international business ventures: impact investment, the one that allies the concern for the well being of both clients and creators of objects and services.

She thus thought of a new kind of serviced apartments, guided by the idea of “Cosy, Homy, Nomade”. The “Goralska Residences” make predominantly use of fair-trade products, displayed in concept stores and tea rooms, which will soon provide a space for the Evens Foundation’s activities and Philanthropic projects (“Resolutions and Conflict Preventions” among others). The first Residence was opened in Paris, and others are underway: three in the French capital and one in Brussels, near the EU administrative center.

The brand Goralska also includes a “Nomadic Jewelry” collection, created by Corinne Evens for travel-loving active women concerned about the world evolutions and contributing to them. Raw materials from which the jewelry is made of, gold, diamonds, and precious stones, are under constant supervision to assure their ethical origin. In line with its commitments, the Goralska brand donates a portion of its profits to organizations working towards progress and the well being of mankind, mainly in Africa.

She is a fulfilled mother of two children, Jonathan and Deborah.